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Arduino Yun Power Supply

Thanks to Element14 I got my Arduino Yun today. The first thing i noticed was the power supply. No barrel jack. So it has to be powered through Micro USB. That’s fine when connected to a computer. But if you are powering it from wall wart or from batteries then it has to be the right specification because of the lack of built in regulator.

Arduino Yun getting started guide spells this out:
There is no built in 5V regulator. If you power your Yún with more than 5V, you will likely damage it. If you are not powering the Yún from the micro-USB connection, you can apply power to the VIN and 5V pins on the board. If using the VIN pin, you cannot provide more than 5V, it will damage your board. It is recommended to power the Yún from the USB connection whenever possible.

So i tried out a 5v-0.7A wall wart used to charge a cellphone and i was able to power the Yun untethered to computer.

Arduino Yun Power Supply
Arduino Yun Power Supply

One thing i am not clear is this: “There is no built in 5v regulator.” Does this apply only to the Vin Pin or even the micro USB as well? Need to research further.

I am still not sure about the battery powered sources. Just putting together a bunch of Alkaline batteries to power this thing is not going to work. The linux part of the board and the Wifi should be drawing lot of power. So Lipo batteries might be needed. Along with a proper 5v regulation circuit.

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