devcon – let the force be with you

While trying to make a XBox 360 driver work with Raspberry pi, I ended up installing a wrong driver with devcon. When trying to remove the driver, kept getting the message that the driver is in use even though the usb device was unplugged. So had to force remove by using -f switch.

​devcon -f dp_delete oem0.inf

MPR121 Driver for Windows IoT Core/Raspberry Pi 2

I had a MPR121 in my tool box. After getting my Raspberry Pi 2 installed with Windows IoT Core, I wanted to get this MPR121 Capacitive touch break out board working with it. While Adafruit had a library for Arduino, there wasn’t an MPR121 Driver for Windows IoT Core readily available. So I wrote this Windows.IoT.Core.HWInterfaces.MPR121 library in C# that can be used with the Raspberry Pi. In addition to the sample app available in the Github repo,  I also  created a Touch sensitive Christmas tree using this library. This post describes a few things about the MPR121 library.

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Windows IoT Core and the Raspberry Pi 2

Had a load of fun getting my Raspberry PI 2 set up with Windows IoT core and the whole development environment that’s needed for it.

Windows 10 and Visual Studio

Can’t develop for Windows IoT core without Windows 10.  So had to set up Windows 10 on Mid 2011 Mac. The problem was my Mac already had Debian Linux running on a separate partition. I used the wonderful rEFInd boot manager from Rod Smith earlier to do the partitioning and it came in handy to add the third partition for windows 10. Had some quirky troubles with the Apple Wireless mouse and keyboard but i have a wired keyboard/mouse connected to the Mac just in case. So now my mac has two keyboards and two mouse.. 🙂  One day i need to get around to fixing the problem permanently. After getting Windows 10 on the Mac, installing VS 2015  was a breeze.

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