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Interactive WiFi Christmas Tree for Internet of Holiday Lights Road Test

In Dec 2014, I was one of the finalist for the Holiday Lights Road Test challenge conducted by chose to build an Interactive WiFi Christmas Tree . I wrote several blog posts on to share my build process with the community. I am cross posting most of those blogs from to my blog. The following is the introductory post for what my project is about.

I am excited to be selected as one of the finalists for the Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus! Thanks Element14 and Christian!!!

I hope to learn and share as many things as possible along the way as i begin my build. As of now i have the following outline for the blog posts. I will link them as i complete each section of my build.

After looking at the incredible proposals i see from every other finalists, I have updated my proposal to include as many elements as possible and I will add to it as I go along depending on the time constraint.

Update Jan 1 2015: Here is an updated list of modules. The LDR control and the Twitter are pending. The touch enabled minion ornaments and the color catching glove were not in my thoughts when i applied for this road test. Those evolved during the contest and i have ended up completing them before the LDR based RGB controlled. Not sure if i will have the time to build those as i will have travel away for work the next two weeks.

Interactive WiFi Christmas Tree
Interactive WiFi Christmas Tree

I am constrained by the number of WiFi enabled devices that i have. I might resort to running some of the elements in a wired mode.

Update Jan1 2015: The ESP8266 has removed the WiFI enabled device constraint.

As I teach myself electronics, I hope to learn more and share as much as possible with this wonderful community.

I have ordered some more parts and light strips. I am waiting for the package from element 14. Meanwhile i will start building up the modules that don’t need any of the parts. Probably i will do the builds without WiFi and add them once i get them.

Good luck every one.

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